February 6, 2016

The sheer fun that is created and shared, no matter your age, is what keeps us all young at heart. Ever look at someone and wonder in amazement as to what keeps one so happy and such a joy to be around. We’re not talking about someone on a strict diet regime or even someone who’s working out at a gym on a daily basis. We’re talking about those individuals who seem to have that special glow about them, no matter the circumstance and no matter their age. The people you look at and say, “how do they do it”? The variables could be one of many. It could be watching what they eat, a little bit of exercise here and there, or even a daily routine of using beneficial skin care products. But the one common thread that the majority will admit and educate others on, is having that inner peace/happiness they’ve been able to discover and maintain over the years.

We came across a recent news article discussing the signs that you’re young at heart. We found some of them very interesting, truthful, and certainly worth sharing:

-Seeing the humour in life…smile and laugh whenever possible during the day

-Enjoy the great outdoors…science has already proven the benefits of vitamin D and there truly is nothing like breathing in fresh air while enjoying the outdoor sights and sounds

-Try new things…not always the easiest but you’d be surprised at what you can accomplish when following your passions in life

-Appreciate the little things…technology and adulthood keeps us busy in this ever changing fast paced world. Think back to the simpler times and activities that made you feel like a kid again. When was the last time you jumped skip rope or played on a swing at your local park? Ah, to feel like a kid again! You’d be surprised at the joy and benefits brought your way. It only takes a few minutes of your time to build upon and rekindle the memories.

-Interaction with animals…science has also proven the calming benefits a pet can provide to owners who admit to having less stress in their lives due to the presence of a loving pet.

-Surround yourself with fun loving like minded people…literally a guaranteed and winning formula when sharing the same outlook on life.

Enjoy these fun and inspiring videos that simply remind us to enjoy life and to be young at heart:





*What favourite activity do you participate in to make you feel young a heart?

*What further shared advice and possible resources do you suggest that can be helpful to others?

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