February 13, 2016

Here at team Unigize, we challenge ourselves in many ways to both be positive ourselves and to think of several ways to share positive information that can further be helpful to others. As we wind down the winter season, we’re reminded of the popular saying of having the “winter blues” that impacts many of us at this time of year. The saying comes from a factual place of experience depending on where one may live. Weather conditions such as snow, cold, and cloudy rainy days are just a few examples that can impact one’s mood after a prolonged stretch of wintery patterns.

So how does one combat the “winter blues”? Some face it head on, while others take on a different and tactical approach. Many outdoor activities such as ice skating, tobogganing, skiing, and snowboarding are only a few ways to have fun and actively be involved in even the harshest winter weather. Further, many areas of the world lack sunshine and this can create some health related issues for those in need of mood enhancing sun. Some simply take extra doses of vitamin D, while others take it a step further and purchase light therapy equipment to aid in health benefits due to lack of sunshine. As well, there are many available aids and preventative measures one can take by doing a simple online search for even more helpful information to take on the “winter blues”. Wishing health and happiness to everyone around the world!

We came across some feel good information via video and a news article regarding the winter blues. Both these stories highlight the simplicities in aiding one another regarding the “winter blues”. We hope you enjoy:





“Act of good faith” article:



*What physical activities do you participate in to get through the winter months?

*What tools and resources do you use to combat the “winter blues”?

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