December 6, 2015
Holiday Season

Many fond memories are remembered and shared amongst our loved ones at this special time of year. The memories are both endless and cherished. The excitement and anticipation of what the holidays mean is what brings out the child in all of us. We can all relate and remember at a very young age the spirit of both giving and receiving a gift. The scope of a received gift varied from wanting selfish playtime alone, to sharing with as many family and friends as possible. Of course the spirit of gift exchange went both ways. Although it always felt great to give others a requested gift, it also felt very satisfying to give or receive a gift especially made by the hand and heart.

How many of us can also remember both past and present yearly visits with aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. The visits always electrified with family, food, lighted tree and presents. Thus, creating a foundation and moments as strong as what the decorated house was built upon. The yearly tradition may come and go but, the one thing that remains are the memories that last a lifetime and will be passed on from generation to generation.

Enjoy and share this holiday themed video that both touches and warms the heart. Please also remember to further give and share with others less fortunate during the holidays. Check out our “Spotlight” category for many ways you can contribute to making the holidays brighter for everyone.



*What is your all-time favourite holiday season memory?

*What is the one thing about the holiday season you look forward to the most?

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