November 7, 2015
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It’s been said before and it’s worth repeating many times over. Positive energy is powerful, it’s measurable, and it’s contagious. Scientific research further acknowledges the multitude of benefits created and shared between all of us. Think of positive energy as a “built in coping mechanism”. Yet, no matter how positive one can be, negative events are still a part of life and reality. Further, make no mistake how much the power of negative energy impacts us as well. Have you ever been a part of the water cooler talk scenario. A happy and energized group enjoying a great conversation, only to be interrupted and dispersed by the office “constant complainer”. That’s also the disappointing power of negative energy. But knowing how much more satisfying positive energy impacts your life in a difference making way, the choice to make is even more obvious for inner happiness. Stay positive and always move forward in life, no matter the circumstance. This will provide an overall certainty of happiness for you and others around you.
No one knows you better than yourself than you. So start with what makes you happy first and enjoy the moments along the way.

Here are some suggestions to enhance your own positive energy:

-Call a loved one and thank them for impacting your life
-Surround yourself with like minded people who share positive outlooks on life
-Look at old family photo albums (yes, pull them out of the attic or closets)
-Meditation/yoga classes
-Journalize what you love and then act upon it (family, friends, pets, food, TV shows)
-Watch funny home or YouTube videos

Enjoy this uplifting YouTube video sharing the science and benefits of actually calling someone who’s impacted your life in a positive way:


*What favourite tool/resource do you use for your own happiness?
*What other suggestions may you have to share with others?

We welcome your comments, so feel free to engage and share your positive energy with others today.

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