The Power of Music

September 29, 2015

One incredibly powerful way to experience positive energy for yourself is to listen to your favorite artists’ and their music. Thinking back we all remember our first favorite band or artist. Their music always made our days better and many times turned into lifelong moments and memories. Furthermore, experiencing your favorite artists perform their music in a live setting has always been another level of shared positive energy. We all have that cherished memory of our first concert that’s fondly remembered throughout our lives. Whether it was your first concert years ago or a concert you just experienced recently, the feeling is always amazing. That feeling where nothing else in the world matters as you’re in the moment of shared joy with thousands of people and the artists on stage. That feeling is the power of positive energy!

There’s a popular saying: “Let’s set the tone early”. “As Unigize introduces this blog topic about music, we invite everyone to provide your relatable stories and memories. Team Unigize would love to “set the tone early” with a live music video performance that absolutely captures the essence of positive energy:

The song is titled “Better Now” by the band Collective Soul. This live performance in particular was performed years ago with the Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra. The beauty of combined positive energy and live music is the creation of classic and timeless moments.

The entire performance is amazing and you’ll notice how the concert experience is further energized at the four minute mark on the attached YouTube video. The interaction between Collective Soul, the audience, and the Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra in particular is truly magical. Spoiler alert: Watch as many students in the youth orchestra burst out of their inner shells for the first time ever. The entire overall live performance is so powerful that you’ll see how no one wants the magical moment to end. A special moment that Collective Soul, the Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra and their fans will never forget and always cherish. We’re so excited to share this song for many reasons other than the extremely high energy performance. It’s a song that celebrates being yourself, celebrates new beginnings, and celebrates life. An overall celebration of positive energy!

Let’s further “set the tone early” with your valued participation:

*Name your favorite band/artist/song and the reasons why?

*Who was your first/favorite concert experience?

Share your favorite songs, concert stories, and musical moments that instantly boost your positive energy mood.

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