September 24, 2016
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Our “guest vlog” series continues and we excitedly introduce you to country music sensation John Marshall. A songwriter, musician, and singer are just a few gifts John is able to share thru the “Power of Music”. John discusses the musical impact both on himself and the further positive benefits music allows us all to share together. His compelling musical story has been enjoyed and shared by many.

We present John Marshall…….

Positive Effects of Music and Its Healing Power – John Marshall

Ever since I can remember I have always been amazed by the positive effects music has in the world. I am lucky to call myself a musician and have been fortunate to share my love of music with so many people around the world. I can remember as a kid, the joy in all of the parents faces as I stood with my fellow second graders and sang under the spotlight on stage in my elementary school gym. I found my love for playing and writing music at the piano at an early age; performing and sharing music is just the icing on the cake.

My first experience with the healing effects of music was after the death of princess Diane. I remember watching Elton John perform his tribute song for Princess Diane “Candle In the Wind” and I felt moved by the song’s healing power. The whole world was mourning for Princess Diane, all while joining together to witness this wonderful tribute. That was the first time I saw how music can uplift people in time of tragedy. I wrote my own tribute that I never played for anyone but, I do remember the moment that I was at my piano coping with the death of someone I didn’t even know and how it made me feel better.

I’ve enjoyed playing at retirement communities over the years and especially branches of hospice and Alzheimers’ facilities. It always amazes me that music is able to bring back a memory or moment in time for someone who no longer could even remember their own family. I was playing for about 20 people at an Alzheimers unit that had moderate to severe dementia and Alzheimers. There was a couple on the front row that I later learned had been married for over 50 years and both were suffering from the horrible disease. I heard the couple talking to each other as if they didn’t even know one another. As I started playing songs from their era and other standards, they would sing every song to each other word for word. I was amazed at their ability to recall the songs that had been a soundtrack to their lives. The spirit of the entire room was lifted and we all enjoyed that special moment in time.

I have always loved Garth Brooks’ song, “The Dance”. Garth Brooks explains the song was written with a double meaning. It’s a song about someone dying because of something he believes in or it can be interpreted as the end of a passionate relationship. One day, out of the blue I got a Facebook message from a woman across the continent that came across my cover video of the “The Dance.” She was wondering if I would be willing to record a version of “The Dance” that would be played at the memorial service of her mother and grandmother who had died within two weeks of each other. I was so honored that she found me, plus wanted my voice used to celebrate the life of her mother and grandmother. I was more than happy to do it. You can’t put a price on the response I got from her family that was coping with such loss and grief.



Music is not only here to uplift our spirits when we are struck with tragedy and heartbreak, but it’s also here to enhance our lives in a positive way for any occasion. Music is played to pump us up at sporting events, to dance with loved ones, get you ready for the holiday seasons and much more. I have also taught music for many years. To see both young and old students grow an appreciation for music is a special experience as well. Music is here for us to celebrate the best of times, to get through the worst of times, to reflect on, to remember, and look forward to our journey through life.

Thank you, and thank you UNIGIZE!

John Marshall.

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