January 16, 2016

Champions are among us on a daily basis. A champion can be there for you, and a champion can be within you. No matter where or how, the positive impact is immediate when shared and created by the champion within all of us. It’s both clear and known to never underestimate the heart of a champion!

Championship behaviour is at the very core of our being. Our daily drive to both be better for ourselves and others around us further solidifies our desire to be a champion. Many elements form the structure for this desired behaviour. The open field, an enclosed arena, a high school gym, or our neighbourhood streets to name a few. The environment may vary, but the one constant is the passionate ambition to be the best you can be while bringing joy to as many people as possible.
Many people participate and further create the heart of a champion. A parent and child, a teacher and student, a coach and athlete, or two complete strangers to name a few. Whether engaged in a parental learning session, a sports activity, a workplace environment, or a random act of kindness…..we can all relate.

This video encompasses the very meaning and celebrities the heart of a true champion!




*What makes you feel alive with the heart of a champion?

*What “heart of a champion” moment have you witnessed others share?


Fee free to share your moments and thanks for having the heart of a champion!

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