December 3, 2016

Our “guest vlog” series continues and we excitedly introduce you to Hollywood Award Winning Actor, Musician, Filmmaker, and all around great guy- Paris Dylan. Always inspired by positive energy, the multitude of hats Paris has worn include just some of the following: Self-Improvement Speaker alongside Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins, Brian Tracy….TV Programs, Theater Productions, National Commercials, live improv comedy duo, Sundance film….plus hosting credits that include American Idol, iHeartRadio, and his own talk show ‘PARIS in LA’ on iTunes, USTREAM, and LiveStream networks. Paris has also ventured out to creating his own content, as Directing/Writing/Producing garnered more positive attention to the Paris Dylan brand. In the unpredictable world of Hollywood, multi talented Paris thrives by having positive energy be a key component of his diverse portfolio! We share his story……

Go With The Flow While Driving A Motorboat (The Balance: ‘Let’ and ‘Action’)

Yes, I’m starting this blog with a negative; No, I’m not some all knowing guru, I’m not a monk, and I certainly don’t know specifics of your life (unless you want to become friends #friendshipbracelets). All I can share is insight from my own experiences to possibly enrich yours:


I was fortunate to learn at a young age that the only things I can control in life are my Attitude and Activity. Everything else is outside of my influence. Accepting that concept, made life simpler. Instead of getting annoyed or trying to push for things outside of that realm, having my Attitude and Activity be the two things that I’m responsible for, shrunk the pressure of how-life-is-‘supposed’-to-go expectations. This method of operating was dramatically enhanced when I was introduced to Let. The word, “Let” entered my life only a couple years ago and it’s become a daily acknowledgement ever since.

 Full disclosure; I get angry (duh). I get jealous (I’m human). I even try to force things (continue reading NOW). But here’s the epiphany; instead of resisting the envy or frustration, I let it happen. Yes, I let myself feel that dejection then complain alone in my room or to my unamused friends who’ve heard it too many times before. But I accept the unpleasant feeling. I let it come, instead of suppressing it, then let it go. Not only is that a much healthier approach, but there’s tangible realization when I become aware that living in a negative emotion doesn’t change the actual circumstance. THAT is where the significant moment comes to fruition; I LET it happen.

Now, that being said, the balance accompanying Let is taking action; Be Enterprising (always choose the proactive route), Set Goals (write them down or they mean nothing), Be Passionate (if you’re not inspired, you won’t inspire others), Jump (burn your boats [see ‘Think and Grow Rich’, N. Hill]). Strive for these fundamental actions; your motorboat will always move you forward. However, always be mindful that the water flow of LET, accepting what is, will be the most influential piece to your destiny.

The only reason I think I know things are because of amazing people like:

JB from & Alex from

PS: I actually started this blog with a Positive.

PPS: Unigize is awesome.

PPPS: Keep Movin’ And Things Will Keep Groovin’.

– Paris Dylan

December 2016


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