December 27, 2015


As 2015 comes to a close, we reflect and wonder what lies ahead for 2016. The meaning of this blog will be short and sweet, for 2015 reflection is of personal nature.

Here, at Team Unigize, we love to share the positive uplifting moments that brighten your day and further enhance self reflection.
Seeing as the subject is a taste of personal reference, we’ll only suggest topics and positive moments that may stimulate your year in review. No one knows better than what you yourself have experienced for 2015.
Here we go:
*Did you focus on your own inner happiness FIRST
*Did you help someone in need
*Did you join a gym, yoga class, or any self help activities
*Did you donate your time or participate in a charity/cause
It’s all about you…..the memories, the photos, the videos, and those 2015 moments you can now reflect upon and further develop your self growth moving forward into 2016.

Here’s wishing 2016 will be full of inspirational moments for everyone around the world!


*What was your favourite 2015 moment?

Feel free to share you own stories, photos, and videos that made a positive impact on you in 2015.

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