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GUEST BLOG – “The Real Power of Positive Energy” by Shani Jay

July 29, 2017
Our “GUEST BLOG” series continues and we excitedly introduce you to Shani Jay. A little bit about Shani in her own words: Shani is a writer, author, and self-love advocate. She runs her own content creation business, based in the UK. She is the author of Bloom: A Gift For The Girl Learning To Love Her Beautiful Soul and The Babe Bible and her writing has...

GUEST BLOG – “Just Jess” by Jessica Rosado

April 22, 2017
  Our “GUEST BLOG” series continues. We excitedly introduce actress, singer, and writer, Jessica Rosado. She shares her experience through the lifestyle blog Just Jess and is thrilled to continue pursuing her passions as her career in Television and Theatre. Jessica speaks from her heart as a Domestic Violence Advocate and Performing Arts Education...