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GUEST BLOG – “Live In The Moment” by Nika Kljun

October 7, 2017
Our “GUEST BLOG” series continues and we excitedly introduce you to world renowned dance choreographer/teacher, Nika Kljun. Nika tells us a little more about herself: My name is Nika Kljun. I am a professional dancer and choreographer from Slovenia living in Los Angeles. I would say I am @# years old but I don’t believe in age. You are as young as you feel....


February 6, 2016
The sheer fun that is created and shared, no matter your age, is what keeps us all young at heart. Ever look at someone and wonder in amazement as to what keeps one so happy and such a joy to be around. We’re not talking about someone on a strict diet regime or even someone who’s working out at a gym on a daily basis. We’re talking about those individuals who seem...


January 16, 2016
Champions are among us on a daily basis. A champion can be there for you, and a champion can be within you. No matter where or how, the positive impact is immediate when shared and created by the champion within all of us. It’s both clear and known to never underestimate the heart of a champion! Championship behaviour is at the very core of our being. Our daily drive...

It’s because of…the everyday superhero

September 28, 2015
We give thanks to the everyday superhero. It’s because of you and your heroic actions that bring us memorable moments that are cherished for a life time. To name just a few:  Parents/single parents, family members, friends, neighbours, teachers, emergency responders, those who serve and protect, medical/health professionals, charity organizers...