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August 13, 2016
We continue our “guest blog” series and would like to introduce you to Josie Gintoli.  Regular doses of smiles and laughter are essential in her world. Josie attended the 500 hour Moksha Yoga Teacher Training in Toronto in the summer of 2010, after recognizing the positive impact yoga has had on her life. Since graduating, Josie has been teaching varying...
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April 16, 2016
It doesn’t matter what gender, age, or ability. Everyone can participate in a fun filled team sport and have the time of their lives. Sports of all kinds bring out a team driven environment. A further drive to do the best you can and a sense of accomplishment.  Participating in these events will provide you with long lasting memories that will bring a smile to...


February 13, 2016
Here at team Unigize, we challenge ourselves in many ways to both be positive ourselves and to think of several ways to share positive information that can further be helpful to others. As we wind down the winter season, we’re reminded of the popular saying of having the “winter blues” that impacts many of us at this time of year. The saying comes from a factual...


February 6, 2016
The sheer fun that is created and shared, no matter your age, is what keeps us all young at heart. Ever look at someone and wonder in amazement as to what keeps one so happy and such a joy to be around. We’re not talking about someone on a strict diet regime or even someone who’s working out at a gym on a daily basis. We’re talking about those individuals who seem...


January 30, 2016
Let’s turn that negative into a positive shall we. We all have those moments that are inevitable, the moments that bring on negative thoughts and negative energy. Stress comes at us in a multitude of ways and challenges us daily. It seems today, more than ever, our ever changing and technological world brings on a fast paced environment full of stress. Work,...

Pet Therapy

September 29, 2015
It’s truly heartwarming and uplifting to experience the loving energy shared between pets and their owners. Many experience this unique relationship with their own pets, while others are witness to one of many entertaining internet pet videos. One thing for certain is the many positive benefits you can obtain being around several different species of...