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April 16, 2016
It doesn’t matter what gender, age, or ability. Everyone can participate in a fun filled team sport and have the time of their lives. Sports of all kinds bring out a team driven environment. A further drive to do the best you can and a sense of accomplishment.  Participating in these events will provide you with long lasting memories that will bring a smile to...
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April 2, 2016
Giving from the goodness of your heart for no particular reason is a wonderful feeling! It’s in front of us and all around us. Kindness and compassion is truly the core to all things good that comes from within us. Make the effort to both participate and enjoy life’s little moments. It’s these moments that grow, stimulate, and develop our sense of self-worth...
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March 26, 2016
From time to time we come across subjects that are short, sweet, and subjective. This will be one of those times, as our purpose is to simply trigger all the things you cherish. History is made every single day. Both thru moments in time and day to day activities. What we decide to cherish is based on past life experiences and all things currently relevant in our daily...


March 19, 2016
Your life is a hidden gem! We’ve discussed the very uniqueness of being individual and “one of a kind”. Now we’d like to extend the discussion to the origin of how we all have individualistic “hidden gem” talent. This gift can be discovered at a very young age, as you get older, or possibly not even realized as of yet. If fortunate enough to discover...


March 5, 2016
Practice makes perfect! …..or at least it can be incredibly fun learning and progressing along the way. Many try and try again to reach perfection, or as close to it as possible. So where does the goal to strive for near perfection begin? Typically, at a very young age with the loving support of family and friends. Most can relate to what it takes when developing...


February 27, 2016
The saying “love conquers all” is so true in many aspects of life! You see it everyday in friendships and relationships. Further, it starts with self-respect and the ability to love yourself. When one can truly love yourself first, the growth potential for any current and future relationship will flourish in ways we can all desire. There are several ways...


February 20, 2016
Come together! An expression, a song, and a purpose. These two words have so much meaning, integrity, and heart. Passionate songs have been written, while many powerful moments have also been shared and performed. When thinking of songs in particular, it’s those magical lyrics that become evolved into unforgotten memories. It starts with words, develops...


February 13, 2016
Here at team Unigize, we challenge ourselves in many ways to both be positive ourselves and to think of several ways to share positive information that can further be helpful to others. As we wind down the winter season, we’re reminded of the popular saying of having the “winter blues” that impacts many of us at this time of year. The saying comes from a factual...
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