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September 24, 2016
Our “guest vlog” series continues and we excitedly introduce you to country music sensation John Marshall. A songwriter, musician, and singer are just a few gifts John is able to share thru the “Power of Music”. John discusses the musical impact both on himself and the further positive benefits music allows us all to share together. His compelling...


March 19, 2016
Your life is a hidden gem! We’ve discussed the very uniqueness of being individual and “one of a kind”. Now we’d like to extend the discussion to the origin of how we all have individualistic “hidden gem” talent. This gift can be discovered at a very young age, as you get older, or possibly not even realized as of yet. If fortunate enough to discover...


February 20, 2016
Come together! An expression, a song, and a purpose. These two words have so much meaning, integrity, and heart. Passionate songs have been written, while many powerful moments have also been shared and performed. When thinking of songs in particular, it’s those magical lyrics that become evolved into unforgotten memories. It starts with words, develops...


January 9, 2016
We like to further kick off the New Year with both a powerful subject and a video performance for the ages. We’ve written before about the power of music and the positive emotion it provides to everyone involved. What’s even more powerful is when the event is organized by a group of very driven and passionate people. Surrounding yourself with other people...


January 3, 2016
We’d like to kick off the new year by wishing everyone all the best for an amazing year ahead! Remember that a good start makes for a good finish! Like in all years past, 2015 certainly had many positive memories and moments. We love to focus on the positive and didn’t need to look far to see the many positive moments shared most recently to wrap up the calendar...
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November 28, 2015
AIM HIGH….life truly is what you make it! Here at Team Unigize, we never tire of promoting love, health, and happiness. Not only are these subjects universal, but they’re also relatable and heartfelt. Many songs have been written on the subject and many dance room floors have shared the good times life can bring. These good times are about having...

The Power of Music

September 29, 2015
One incredibly powerful way to experience positive energy for yourself is to listen to your favorite artists’ and their music. Thinking back we all remember our first favorite band or artist. Their music always made our days better and many times turned into lifelong moments and memories. Furthermore, experiencing your favorite artists perform their...