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pay it forward


December 18, 2015
As we continue our holiday season theme, we’d like to share a story from earlier this week describing the power of kindness and paying it forward to others. The act of paying it forward is when paying for the persons order behind you in hopes they would do the same, or a similar kind act, for someone else in their day. It’s not so much about spending the few dollars,...
Holiday Season


December 6, 2015
Many fond memories are remembered and shared amongst our loved ones at this special time of year. The memories are both endless and cherished. The excitement and anticipation of what the holidays mean is what brings out the child in all of us. We can all relate and remember at a very young age the spirit of both giving and receiving a gift. The scope of a received gift...
act of kindness, pay it forward


October 30, 2015
Every single act of kindness makes a big difference for everyone involved. Small ones, big ones and anywhere in between ones.  No matter the size of the act, be happy in knowing that you’ve made another person’s day. Sharing your amazing smile alone can make an immediate impact as others continue to pass on their own smile.  Science has also proven that...
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