August 27, 2016
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Our “guest vlog” series continues and we excitedly introduce you to Sammi McLeod.

A talented and rising Canadian entrepreneur, Sammis’ gifts are many. Sammi is always seeking the best options for inner health and happiness with her passionate outlook on life. Many topics such as training, life coaching, and overall wellness benefits are met head on. Sammi  addresses all of these options and strives to help others anyway she can. Whether discussing a vegan and gluten-free diet or the powers of manifestation, she is here to share “Sammis Secrets”.

A little more about Sammi……

The Missing Piece in Manifesting

As more humans across the globe uncover the universal law of attraction, overloads of information, training, coaches and manifestation tools are surfacing. It is a fascinating and glorious topic that has truly uplifted the planet to more abundance, possibility and love and that is a beautiful thing! However, the most significant part of manifesting, which may also be the simplest, seems to sometimes be overlooked. My intention today is to break it down and spell it out so that all of us always remember what the law of attraction is truly about.

If you want to create something in your life like a job, business, relationship, house or car; what is the reason you want to create those things? Most of the time it is because we believe it will make us happy, fulfilled, joyful, worthy and/or successful. Does one of those resonate with you? Have you ever caught yourself saying something like “When I earn that title, I will be successful.” Or “When I have millions of dollars in the bank I can finally do what I really want” or maybe “If only my partner would act this way, then we would be so happy together.” These are only a few examples of ways we actually limit and resist all of the things we want to manifest into our lives.

Have you ever hear the term “Unconditional Love”? I think it’s often something that many of us only experience with one or two people in our lives; like our parents or children, or maybe even no one. Because it seems so rare, many of us don’t actually understand the broader meaning of unconditional love. Unconditional means no matter what the condition. Our inner being is made up of exactly that, unconditional, no matter what, all the time, pure love energy. What on earth does this have to do with manifesting? Well, let’s uncover more.

All of the above desires we discussed are conditional. “When I… I will.” Or “If they… then I”. When we make these statements, we are limiting our manifestations to only be able to appear within certain conditions. But when we get really clear on why we want those things or circumstances, to be happy, it means we are limiting our happiness. We are actually saying to our self, (our pure unconditional love self which will ignore our conditional human requests) “ I am not worthy of success UNTIL I …” or “I can’t do anything I want that truly makes me happy UNTIL I have millions of dollars.” Why would we push all that we desire to the future with all of these conditions. What if I told you that it is the FEELING that matters now?

If you want the financial freedom so that you can do what makes you happy, then do what makes you happy and the financial freedom will come! If you want to earn a title or promotion so that you can feel successful, feel successful now and act as if and you will more likely earn that title or promotion. If you want your partner to act a certain way so you can be happy, be happy now without giving your power to feel over to someone who you have no control over. When we release our conditions and UNCONDITIONALLY live in love, everything else falls into place. We align to our truest self, the highest vibration, which is actually what allows in all the beauty we wish to manifest.

So many of us get stuck in these conditions and it makes us feel that we aren’t worthy of the things we desire. Please know that you are enough. You are enough right now, in this very moment. Nothing has to change, you are beautiful and perfect just the way you are. Can you learn to unconditionally love yourself? That means even if your thighs are bigger than you’d like or even if you aren’t where you want to be in life or even if you aren’t as strong or tall or smart as you think you want to be. Can you do that? Can you look into your own eyes in the mirror and say “I unconditionally love you and I love being you!”? When we know we are worthy now and we learn to FEEL all the ways we want to feel regardless of what our reality looks like. As we do this, the universe delivers what we want or even more in ways our human mind couldn’t have even came up with!

The disclaimer is not to feel the feeling SO THAT you can manifest what you want; that would be another example of being conditional. No matter what happens, can you feel amazing as much as possible?  Because if it is all really the feeling we are searching for, then we’ve achieved our goals unconditionally by feeling it NOW! Wow, what a brilliant accomplishment!

Being present and allowing the happiness, joy and gratitude into your life now, feeling how you want to feel now is living unconditionally in love. It is the feeling that brings the manifestation, not the manifestation that brings the feeling. Stop living backward and start living forward!  Enjoy every moment, cherish every smile, and celebrate the little things! These are some simple ways to find the feeling and as you do, you will see your world changing in ways more magical that you can even imagine!

Sammi McLeod

When you are thinking about what you want, how are you feeling? Are you feeling the LACK of it or are you feeling it as if you already have it?

What are some ways you can feel good now? Do more of that!

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