December 5, 2018
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Although a very exciting time of year for many, it’s also a time to pitch in and give to others less fortunate. All year round is a great time to pitch in, but it’s truly the holiday/winter season that’s needed more than ever on many levels during this challenging time for many.
There are many ways one can share and contribute: donate food, gifts, clothing, cash, and donate your valuable time. The homeless, families, charities are in particular need and all could use a helping hand. Engage your family, friends, and further include your kids. Teach your kids at a young age the value of assisting and making a huge difference for others during the winter season.
We’ve compiled a couple links below that will provide you with great ideas to assist in many ways. Discussing ways you can help out in your very own community and/or assist with an online charity as well. One can also contact your local city council to find out ways for you to contribute in your community.

Team Unigize wish love, health, peace, and happiness to everyone around the world during the holiday/winter season and all year round! All the best for an exciting and upcoming 2021!!


A couple suggestions over the holiday/winter season:




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