January 9, 2016

We like to further kick off the New Year with both a powerful subject and a video performance for the ages. We’ve written before about the power of music and the positive emotion it provides to everyone involved. What’s even more powerful is when the event is organized by a group of very driven and passionate people. Surrounding yourself with other people that exude pure raw energy will pull you in and bring out your own positive energy. The domino effect that takes place inspires the entire group’s energy with exhilarating results.

Performing and sharing freedom of expression in such an organized fashion is sure to bring feelings of overwhelming joy. An extension to such an organized and memorable event is due in large part to the power of social media. The tools of social media allow these invited events to be created and shared. Use your very own raw energy and create the next event that will be remembered for the ages!

Enjoy and share this raw and powerful performance:



*What’s your favorite raw moment you’ve viewed on social media or the internet?
*Have you experienced or organized a live event yourself?

We’d love to hear your relatable raw moments. Share today.

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