March 5, 2016

Practice makes perfect! …..or at least it can be incredibly fun learning and progressing along the way.
Many try and try again to reach perfection, or as close to it as possible.

So where does the goal to strive for near perfection begin?
Typically, at a very young age with the loving support of family and friends. Most can relate to what it takes when developing talent, strength, courage, and the discipline necessary to chase a desired goal. Being there to support one another is such a positive influence when achieving both individual and team accomplishments.
Further, why are goals so rewarding when considering the many factors involved? Because of the time, commitment, and passion that brings the results you worked so hard towards!
The environment can be ever changing as well when looking to create perfection. Home, work, playing fields, and sports arenas are some of the many locations used when practicing ones skilled craft.

We invite you to view and share this epic “practice makes perfect” video. We hope it reminds you of your youth or a precious time in your life when a labour of love created many perfected moments:



*Do you have a childhood memory where practice made perfect?

*As an adult, what is your biggest accomplishment from practicing something your entire life?

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