January 20, 2017

Our “guest vlog” series continues and we excitedly introduce you to yoga instructor, performance and nutrition coach Audrey Lee. Positive energy inspires herself and further gives her the driving motivation to inspire others. Reaching her own goals along the way is what carves her exciting and ongoing journey. We share her story……

Positive energy plays a vital role to my personal life and career. I am a performance coach, sport nutrition coach, and yoga instructor. My mission is to inspire people to be their best, to reach their highest potential. This has led me on an incredible journey of self-discovery through meditation and yoga. I’ve learned that life is energy and energy is life. We are energy and we are all constantly giving and receiving energy. Why not choose to make that energy positive? Yes, positivity is a choice!

Through meditation and yoga, I’ve learned to connect with my breath and be present, aware. With awareness, I choose to be positive each and every day. Positivity is a daily practice just like meditation and yoga. With every breath, thought, word, and action I strive to be positive. The easiest way I’ve learned to be positive in my life is to do what makes me happy. When you are choosing positive energy it feels amazing and it also has a ripple effect. Those around you give out the positive vibes too.

I take my yoga practice off my mat and out into the world. This is where my practice comes alive. Instead of just going through the motions; breathe, connect, and flow. With awareness I can feel my energy and make it positive – make it awesome. This is what I coach my clients and athletes. Be present to what you are feeling in your body. Honor and respect your body. Take care of yourself. Eat real food. Hydrate regularly. Balance your training. Notice your energy levels. Be aware so you can choose the best. Choose to be positive.

Question to ponder….Do you have a favorite quote that helps you stay positive?

The first quote that comes to mind for me is “Where there is love, there is no question.” Actually my practice is in unconditional love. Positive energy is love. I am learning to love myself which means to take care of myself. As an athlete I beat up my body (that no pain no gain mentality) in order to perform. Now I am taking the best care of myself to perform my best. I am exploring the best types of fuel and training for optimal wellness and performance.

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