Pet Therapy

September 29, 2015

It’s truly heartwarming and uplifting to experience the loving energy shared between pets and their owners. Many experience this unique relationship with their own pets, while others are witness to one of many entertaining internet pet videos. One thing for certain is the many positive benefits you can obtain being around several different species of pets.

Unigize team members have been able to experience and enjoy the following positive benefits related to owning a pet:

– Unconditional love: no matter how stressful your day may have turned out, many pets will greet you excitedly at the door when you arrive at home. The further obvious benefit is when both pet owners and pets grow a lasting and loving bond.

– Less stress: the calming effect many pets provide as they quietly spend time with their owners. Every day, many pet owners are simply comforted with a cat or dog lying beside them as one is reading a book or watching a favorite program. Bottom line is that less stress equals overall better health.

– Exercise: fun activities are shared between owner and pet by interacting with a pet toy or going for a walk.

– Sense of responsibility and companionship: whether it’s a small child or an elderly person living on their own, learned responsibility and shared companionship are positive benefits to experience when caring for a pet.

– Peace of mind and protection: many pets are able to protect family and personal property while no one is at home.

To view some heartwarming footage and further see the shared energy between pets and their owners, we invite you to view this family/pet video:

-What is your favorite pet? And why?

-What is your all-time favorite pet story? And why?

We invite you to share and discuss why your pet means so much to you. We also endorse what many call “pet therapy”. Partake in “pet therapy” by simply sharing your very own photos and videos of moments that bring positive joy and smiles to everyone!


It’s because of…positive energy!

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