April 30, 2016

What a pleasure it is knowing you have the ability to make a huge difference in a co-workers day. Some of us are very fortunate to be at the same place for many years and have developed a very close friendship with many co-workers over the years.  While others may have just started or currently at their job for a short period of time.  Either way, finding an environment that supports one another by showing respect and kindness is very special indeed.

There are several ways one can pay it forward at the workplace. Sending flowers to a fellow employee that has been hospitalized for a length of time or showing up for a visit would definitely lift his or hers spirit.  A small gesture of kindness like passing a card around the office and having everyone sign it with a personal note is very touching.  Another kind act could also include throwing a baby or wedding shower for a co-worker.

There are so many ways to show your fellow employees that they’re appreciated, no matter what role they contribute within the company. Workplace kindness doesn’t always have to be shared by the company boss or management team.

We’ve compiled a few ways that further discuss the scientific benefits of workplace kindness:

Our featured video also shows an employer who clearly realizes the huge value that one of his employees brings to his company:



*What “pay it forward” act of kindness act has one of your bosses done for someone at your workplace?

*Have you yourself expressed workplace kindness to make someone feel extra special?


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