January 23, 2016

We are all one of a kind and these are our moments. The saying goes, “don’t judge a book by its cover”. This saying has proven to be correct time and time again. We all have what it takes inside no matter the appearance of our outer look. Taking the time to listen and know another person is invaluable, as we can all learn from one another.

The beauty of our inner uniqueness is no different than our very own fingerprints’. No two are the same and we’re all one of a kind. Think of all the other one of a kind moments that are cherished on so many levels. A family vacation memory to that one of a kind destination that brings a guaranteed smile to your face. Remembering that one of a kind teacher who not only taught you a subject but also taught you many lifelong lessons. Further think of all those childhood one of a kind moments that, if lucky enough, can still be experienced today. A drive-in movie theatre, a video arcade, a roller skate rink, or a vintage antique store to name just a few. How wonderful to experience any of these in the past, present, or future. Even better to share with that one of a kind friend or family member. Be your unique one of a kind self for starters and the positive moments are assured to follow. It’s amazing what one can accomplish when having the self confidence to express your inner talents and reveal your one of a kind gift to others.
Enjoy this one of a kind video performance and many others that follow:



*What’s your favorite one of a kind memory from the past?
*What current one of a kind activity do you share with family or friends?

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