May 28, 2016

There are so many ways and so many reasons to keep moving forward. Never say never.  Always believe in yourself. Determination teaches us all. Never give up. Just a few common beliefs and popular sayings used as self-motivation that can further be projected onto others.

Some may think these phrases are cliché, but the actual reality is backed up by scientific evidence and endless inspirational stories. We’re surrounded by inspiration in our everyday lives witnessed by the day to day world. Either in person or by viewing the multitude of talents shared by our social media society.

One thing for certain is the drive and ambition planted within all of us from birth.  Think about these many amazing but true facts. We’re literally taught to never give up from birth. When you spilled food and missed your mouth when feeding, did you ever give up? Never! When you fell over and over again learning how to walk, did you ever give up? Never! When you repeated words learning to talk until you could finally get it right, did you ever give up?  Never! These are just a few actual facts as part of our genetic makeup that creates the very essence of whom we are and why we never give up. Whether the everyday person or someone well known in the public eye, we’re all born to never give up.

Enjoy this news article on a handful of people who never gave up and make day to day living for so many much easier and enjoyable for multiple reasons:

Further enjoy this YouTube video of someone so full of life that we can’t help but feel inspired to “never give up”:



*Who or what activity inspires you to never give up?

*Do you have a favorite “never give up” video of someone who pushes themselves no matter their limits?

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