October 22, 2016
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We continue our “guest vlog” series and we excitedly introduce you to model/actress Kendra Mate.  Positive energy is a huge part of Kendra’s daily routine and has been instilled in her from a very young age. A firm belief in herself allowed her to carve a path of dreams pursued and fulfilled. We invite you to read more about how kindness and being in the moment create an impactful positive attitude for Kendra. Her story……

Never, never, never give up.

A story of believing in kindness, being present & positive vibes.

“Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from negativity”. This is my favorite quote and it not only translates in my career and relationships but I live by this in my daily life. I am a model, actress and work in fashion in Los Angeles, CA. Being in the industry for over 10 years has taught me two important lessons- work hard and be thankful. I first came to New York City with a suitcase and a dream which lead me on a personal journey of not giving up, staying positive and appreciating the opportunities that came along. I believe that attitude is everything. The way you show up in your life can contribute to where you go. I feel that having a positive outlook and being present in the moment creates a base for greatness and helps you shine bright in everything you do.

Being a model requires a thick skin! I’ve learned that there are challenges, rejection, feeling a lack of self-esteem and you won’t always book the job you’ve hoped for. But I have turned those hardships into a positive in my life by letting go of negative self-talk, never giving up, and being thankful for the experience. “Every day is an opportunity to make a new happy ending”. When I’m auditioning I just keep in mind to be present in the moment and if I don’t get the job, it’s OK and keep trying.

I find my relationships are strengthened when giving back, being kind and really uplifting those around me. A small gesture such as a smile can mean the word to someone and bring happiness. I find it a great way to connect and encourage positive energy. Turning a negative into a positive is a fantastic way to not give up on your dreams and bring opportunity into your life. My advice is to make the choice to be positive. Keeping “positive vibes” present in my life really helps bring light into the dark and being kind not only makes you feel good but to those around you.

Something to remember: “No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart”

Daily inspiration: Write down one thing you are thankful for each day

Question to think about: What keeps you from going after your dreams? Is it fear, nerves or self-doubt? When we step outside our comfort zone, we can find growth and learn a lot about ourselves and our potential!

Kendra Mate

Los Angeles, CA

Instagram : Posesandroses

Facebook: Kendra Cesaratto (Mate)

Video that I find impactful: Family friend Lewis Howes  hosts a motivational podcast called “The School of Greatness” and I find his messages inspiring. Here is a short video on my favorite quote.

Lewis Howes Positive Message Video

Another favorite positive video of mine:



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