September 10, 2016

Our “guest vlog” series continues and we excitedly introduce you to Miss Positivity. Life deals us all with challenges on many levels and at any age. Miss Positivity discusses those challenges and what’s helped her plus many others to overcome adversity. Her positive attitude is her inner strength and allows her to positively move forward in life.

Her inspiring story……

I believe in the amazing ability for us all to not just survive after trauma or adversity but to thrive. My hashtag is #strongerfromthestruggle because of this. I am no stranger to grief or loss. I lost my Father, grandmother and grandfather by 23. I lost my Dad at 17. I understand how life can test us. But I believe these things create the person we need to be. The past makes us better. Not bitter. My weight loss journey has also taught me dedication and determination. I have lost 28kgs and kept it off since 1999 through daily exercise and eating clean. It’s a lifestyle not a diet.
For five years I have blogged on Twitter and now Instagram @misspositivity2230 about positivity and resilience. I offer unconditional support and kindness to my social media family as I know that together we are stronger. My favourite phrases are H.O.P.E Hold On Pain Ends, F.L.Y First Love Yourself and Never look back unless it’s a good view. Today, I have over 30k following myself and my awesome border collie Mr Baxter. I hope you will join me in my social media family as I know that together we are stronger.

Thank you
Miss positivity 2230




What is holding you back? and why?

How can you be the best version of yourself?


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