May 14, 2016

We’re ever so grateful for the many organizations doing incredible things for both their own community and for others around the world. Too many to mention, but we give thanks to all involved. Staff, organizers, volunteers and athletes are a few key working components when fulfilling the dreams of others less fortunate.  Athletes in particular have a wonderful and influential benefit pertaining to their own personal choice of career. It’s their career that often a time sheds light on their star power that further allows them to bring awareness to a much needed cause or individual. Success is one thing, to make an impact is another. Witnessing many of these moments over time truly shows all of us how powerful an impact we can make when we band together.  Whether working with athletes, a local celebrity, or members of the community, we can all be difference makers to others in need.

We share this wonderful video of athletes and an amazing charity making a difference for others less fortunate. Feel free to share and enjoy:



*What have you witnessed in your community that has impacted the lives of others less fortunate?

*Is there something you’ve personally done that has truly made a difference in someone’s life?


 *Special thanks to Make A Wish Foundation, Cam Newton, the NFL, and the Carolina Panthers.

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