November 21, 2015

Our natural state is happiness from the day we’re born. All newborn babies bring instant joy and smiles to any room they grace with their natural state of love. This is the positive and natural state of progression that grows kindness and compassion for one another.
Unfortunately the other side is negative outer influences where one can develop hate and hurtful actions as a learned behaviour.
Here at Unigize, we choose to focus on the positive and natural state of love.

Early life experiences shared with positive and influential people in our lives is what moulds our reality as we grow. Many parents and influential teachers are the ones who create the very foundation of how we develop inner feelings and personal growth. Just because it all starts with parenting and teaching, doesn’t mean it will end there either. Many people will cross our paths as we grow and develop thru many of life’s stages and challenges. Being aware of what brings you inner peace and joy should be a main focus to enhance and experience. It truly is as simple as treating others as being kind to yourself.

Love is indeed your natural state. A state that builds your confidence and allows you to be the person who can make a positive impact in so many ways.

Please enjoy and share this recent viral video of a Florida special education teacher inspiring and influencing his students in an uplifting way. A positive way that can easily be taught no matter our age or environment we all share.



Who was the one person that best shaped your natural state of love?

Is there one thing, or more, that you work on daily to maintain your natural state of love?

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