February 27, 2016

The saying “love conquers all” is so true in many aspects of life! You see it everyday in friendships and relationships. Further, it starts with self-respect and the ability to love yourself. When one can truly love yourself first, the growth potential for any current and future relationship will flourish in ways we can all desire.

There are several ways in which love conquers all. To “conquer” is to overcome or defeat a challenge. Think of many ways we can all relate in areas of our life where love conquered all. Throughout your entire lifetime, there likely have been countless moments that you loved yourself enough to knock down any roadblock in your way. As a young child, we all developed a trait of trying over and over again to impress a parent or teacher. Teenage years were all about competing with piers to impress one another academically, socially and competitive sports. The adult years then developed to the full realization that self love must take care of yourself, family, career and all things required when love conquers all!

It’s these components of life that come full circle and build character necessary for the many relationships we may experience. Enjoy and feel free to share this powerful “love conquers all” video:




*Do you have a personal favorite or global event that expressed the meaning of “love conquers all”?

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