July 30, 2016

We continue our “guest blog” series and would like to introduce you to Eric Bigger. A fitness trainer and life speaker who inspires to be a difference maker living a positive mindset lifestyle. Eric’s uplifting motivational talks remind us all to always chase your dreams while building inner supportive strength……


Positive energy is a way of life for me! It’s what I wake up on, I look forward to, meditate to, pray to and seek more and more!

Everyday is not sunshine and rainbows but everyday is new! Before I leave out the house everyday I meditate, affirm great words and even quote a few things on social media to create the positive energy I want to have with me and attract as my day moves forward. That’s in my work life and personal life, they’re one in the same. Anything negative I defeat or don’t embrace because I’m bringing so much positive energy to life that it has to get out of the way. BE positive people and it will reflect within you and for you! Remember positivity is a choice and then it becomes a feeling. Be great at being positive today. Thanks In Advance!!!!
– Eric Bigger

Questions: What’s positive in your life today?!!

What does being positive look like for you??
Favorite Quote: “We are meant to grow so we have something to give.”

Why: I believe life is about growth and progress equals happiness because when we grow we can live and therefore have more to give!

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Last but not least you have to check out Tony Robbins newest documentary on Netflix “I Am Not Your Guru.” Life changing and you will see the benefits of positive energy there!

Stay Lifted People and Stay POSITIVE!! ✨✨

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