November 28, 2015
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AIM HIGH….life truly is what you make it!

Here at Team Unigize, we never tire of promoting love, health, and happiness. Not only are these subjects universal, but they’re also relatable and heartfelt. Many songs have been written on the subject and many dance room floors have shared the good times life can bring. These good times are about having fun, being forever young, and living life to the fullest.

Sure, not all days are smooth and problem free. But knowing yourself, allows you to “flip the switch” on situations using life tools to your advantage. There’s a wide variety of tools we can use or perform. Dancing, singing, sight seeing, yoga, skydiving, and hiking to name only a few. Life truly is what you make it, so get out there and enjoy everything life has to offer.

Further common ground we all share is having that one song that instantly boosts’ our feel good energy. Allow us to share a new and upcoming band called The New Electric. The bands approach is fresh, exciting, and all about living life to the fullest. We recently caught up with the bands’ singer Kyle to discuss the high energy that exudes from their own personalities and further radiates to their live performances:

How long have The New Electric been together?   For 2 years. We formed in 2013.

Where are the members of TNE from?
Myself (Kyle) and Indy are originally from Fort St John BC. Chris and Adam are from Calgary and James is from CT USA. James lives in LA while the rest of the guys reside in Calgary

Where did the inspiration for the song “Life’s what you make it” come from?
We were realizing quickly that if we didn’t get out and start making things happen that nothing was going to. This song was inspired by this band and its forward attitude and the positivity we try to keep.
Where did the unique concept for the video come from?
The idea came from our manager Jeffy. He thought it would be cool to go out and do a bunch of fun life stuff. The development of having the fans direct the video came a bit later on and was an awesome touch!

Any tours plans for 2016 where TNE fans can come see you perform?

We will be on tour constantly next year. Hopefully they don’t get sick of us lol! It’s a very exciting time for TNE. Keep checking our website, for dates and other fun.

Enjoy and share this awesome video performed by The New Electric as they display the multiple fun benefits of positive energy.



*What is your favorite song/video that instantly boosts your own energy?

*What’s your favorite activity that enhances your own life?


Special thanks to Kyle, The New Electric and Jeff Ojeda from Chief Music Management.


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