October 16, 2015
laughter, laughter is the best medicine

Laughter is truly the best medicine! Laughter and positive energy are great combinations that promote “feel good” emotions. Laughter is a fantastic way to start your day and to also share with anyone at any given time. Bringing a smile to someone’s face can instantly reduce stress levels. Laughter is further contagious and highly increases the chances of passing on happiness to others. Whether you start your day, finish your day, or anywhere in between….make laughter part of your daily routine. Because laughter is often subjective and at times personal, we have compiled a list of many reminders to increase your inner happiness:

* Family (playing games with children)

* Friends (a game of charades)

* Jokes with co-workers

* Watch your favorite pet videos

* YouTube videos

* Funny internet games / APPS

* TV comedy shows

* Comedy movies

* Comedians

We’ve named only a few examples, so feel free to add to or create your very own list.

What source do you use for instant laughter? (Ex: family member, friends, internet sources).

Who’s your favorite comedian? why?

Feel free to share a time in your life where you couldn’t control your laughter.

Smile and share a laugh with someone today!

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