December 18, 2015
pay it forward

As we continue our holiday season theme, we’d like to share a story from earlier this week describing the power of kindness and paying it forward to others. The act of paying it forward is when paying for the persons order behind you in hopes they would do the same, or a similar kind act, for someone else in their day. It’s not so much about spending the few dollars, but truly about completing a kind and unexpected gesture. What’s so amazing when one can “pay it forward” is the immediate impact one will witness. Immediate smiles and gratitude are expressed and the further trickle down effect is shared.
Earlier this week, we were able to participate in the spirit of giving while standing in line at a local McDonald’s restaurant. We paid for our lunch and followed up by purchasing a McDonald’s gift card. We then proceeded to tell the cashier to use the gift card and buy the lunch for the next person in line. The cashier was pleasantly surprised to the point of immediately telling her manager about the kind gesture. As we stood aside waiting for our lunch order, the cashier then called us back over to her register after she had used the gift card on another customer. She informed us that the young teenager was near tears and completely appreciative because no stranger had ever done this for her before. Our cashier further commented how this kind act had completely made her day and how she herself will be doing something nice for a stranger later that day.
Witnessing and being a part of this “pay it forward” kindness act had truly made the day of strangers and possibly many others who may have further shared the trickle down effect of the gesture. Those who participate in “random acts of kindness” and “pay it forward” activities aren’t looking to be thanked or even looking for anything in return. One just loves the immediate and positive benefits you can experience by giving up your time or spending only a few dollars. An absolute fun way to witness immediate return on your investment, and is truly priceless!

We’d also like to share many other ways for us all to further participate in giving during the spirit of the holiday season:

*donate your time to a local church, food bank, retirement home, pet shelter, or local charity
*give gifts to the homeless or local shelter……socks are the most needed and required item
*give out hand made gifts or simply re-gift as well
*share more time with loved ones over the holidays, whether in person or a phone call instead of a text
*a personal hand written message to family and friends to give thanks for something specific about that person you’re writing to
*challenge coworkers to support a food drive or sponsor a family in need, even after the holiday season is over
*smile at a hard working retail worker and wish them all the best for 2016
*express thanks to a regular mailman or delivery person with a gift card

Please also share and enjoy this touching video of strangers sharing a powerful “pay it forward” heart warming moment:



*Have you witnessed or participated in a recent “pay it forward” act?

*Do you have a yearly holiday season tradition that you and/or co-workers participate in to bring joy to others?

Feel free to comment and also view our other Unigize categories discussing the many wonderful positive benefits when sharing during the holiday season and beyond.

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