October 30, 2015
act of kindness, pay it forward

Every single act of kindness makes a big difference for everyone involved. Small ones, big ones and anywhere in between ones.  No matter the size of the act, be happy in knowing that you’ve made another person’s day. Sharing your amazing smile alone can make an immediate impact as others continue to pass on their own smile.  Science has also proven that serotonin levels are enhanced in the body and are main contributors to feelings of well-being and happiness as a result of doing good deeds for others. What an incredible way to make a positive impact for yourself and others around you.

Here’s wishing the ripple effect of this blog and video below will make everyone’s day. Further, here are some popular suggestions as well to start and promote random acts of kindness in your very own neighbourhood.

Enjoy this random act of kindness video and all the related videos that follow:


What is your favorite act of kindness you’ve done or witnessed?

What is your favorite charity or cause?

Feel free to engage both online and in your neighbourhood. Be the start of something special that you’ve created by sharing a random act of kindness.



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