April 2, 2016
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Giving from the goodness of your heart for no particular reason is a wonderful feeling! It’s in front of us and all around us. Kindness and compassion is truly the core to all things good that comes from within us. Make the effort to both participate and enjoy life’s little moments. It’s these moments that grow, stimulate, and develop our sense of self-worth by helping others. Not only is it a great feeling to share with others in need, it’s also simple to do anywhere and at anytime:

-driving to work
-corner store
-gas station
-doctor/dentist office
-coffee shop
-gym/ yoga class
-out for a walk with your pet

We’re all busy and have somewhere to be but, it really takes little to no effort to show kindness along the way:

-hold a door
-help an elderly neighbour
-offer a kind word

Even a few simple kind words can make someone’s entire day. Can it be that easy? YES! Simply speak the other person’s language and it will indeed be that easy. See a stranger walking their pet…”what a nice dog you have”. See a co-worker dressed up…”what a nice outfit you’re wearing”. Short, simple, and only takes a few seconds to make someone’s day.

View this video of someone less fortunate helping others. Warms our hearts and definitely worth sharing:



*What kind act have you done for a stranger/neighbour in need?

*What kind act has a stranger done for you?

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