It’s because of…the everyday superhero

September 28, 2015

We give thanks to the everyday superhero. It’s because of you and your heroic actions that bring us memorable moments that are cherished for a life time.

To name just a few:  Parents/single parents, family members, friends, neighbours, teachers, emergency responders, those who serve and protect, medical/health professionals, charity organizers and organizations, volunteers, and people who perform acts of kindness everyday around the world.

Some come dressed in uniform, while others are masked as an everyday person. It’s amazing how some heroes wait to be called upon, and how others spring into action in the blink of an eye during unexpected circumstances. Many expect nothing in return and are simply satisfied by making a positive difference in another persons’ life.

-Who’s your everyday superhero? And why?

-Has anyone in your city/town performed a recent act of kindness? What is your all-time favorite act of kindness story?

We invite you to discuss your favorite superhero moment and why the story meant so much to you. Make a further positive impact by sharing your photos and videos of everyday superhero actions.

It’s because of…positive energy!

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