GUEST BLOG – I’D LOVE TO – Caroline Ravn

January 6, 2017

Our “guest vlog” series continues. We excitedly introduce the amazingly gifted and talented magician who’s taken the world by storm, Caroline Ravn. With a variety of both Swedish Nationals and Nordic Championships prizes, prize as the Inspirer of the Year and sold-out theaters in several places. She is confident on stage and takes on the audience with charm, humor and charisma. Carolines’ also known from many national and international magazines, radio shows and TV-programs. In 2016 she launched her own line of custom playing cards together with designer Stockholm17, Ravn Playing Cards, came out and it’s been a huge hit. We share her story……

I’D LOVE TO  – Caroline Ravn

”I’d love to!”. As I heard myself say those words I knew it’s gonna be hard, but I was excited for them. I’m sure she never thought I’d say yes just like that, but of course I did. How couldn’t I?

I live in country that up until January 2016 basically had open borders. If you flew in to Copenhagen, Denmark, you could enter Sweden just by taking the train to Malmö, not even 20 minutes away. Due to the refugee situation in Europe Sweden had to act and the border closed. A lot of people made it in, but not everyone was welcome to stay.

The climate in my country changed rapidly; what used to feel like a welcoming and free environment started to feel more like a place for far right winged politics, racism and alienation. A lot of people, mostly adult men, where placed in locked facilities where they just wait to be sent back to where they came from. When I got that call from the migration agency, about me possibly coming there to show these people some magic I couldn’t say yes fast enough.

I’ve been doing magic full-time for almost three years now. It truly is the best job there is. I get to travel the world, stand on beautiful stages and hang out with my friends – and get paid for it! And I’m free during the daytime so I try to give back as much as I can by being a positive spirit in the world; both on social media and in my community.

Artists; magicians, singers, poets, painters, musicians, jugglers – share something very special. We posses the gift of entertainment, of amazement and wonder. We have a chance to brighten up peoples days with our work, our passion! What’s your passion? What can you share to brighten up someone’s day?

You really can be the change you want to see in the world, so don’t just rant about it on Facebook. Remember that even cracked vases can provide beauty to the world. As they’re carried from the waterhole to our home they water the ground we put seeds in, allowing the flowers to grow.

All the best
Caroline Ravn



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