March 19, 2016

Your life is a hidden gem! We’ve discussed the very uniqueness of being individual and “one of a kind”. Now we’d like to extend the discussion to the origin of how we all have individualistic “hidden gem” talent. This gift can be discovered at a very young age, as you get older, or possibly not even realized as of yet. If fortunate enough to discover at a young age, your talent likely was evident to the point of being titled a “child prodigy”. If discovered as you aged, your hidden gem talent may have further developed with the help of either a parent or teacher who had a keen eye and noticed something within you. Lastly, are those who still may be wondering what hidden gem talent has yet to be tapped into by themselves.

Although this particular exercise can be challenging, there are some simple and effective ways to extract your inner gift. The beauty of finding out more about yourself, will further allow self happiness and even more shared positive energy. One way to trigger and benefit, is to truly think of strong moments or experiences that you look back on fondly. An example we’ve heard of is about a pastry chef who never realized, until much later in life, his gift to become the world famous baker he is today. Never one to have top level marks in school and further scraped by with low grades in order to achieve his school diploma. As time passed by, he further never knew what to do with his career. Then years later, the light bulb went off in his head while watching TV and he discovered his hidden gem talent. He realized his only desire is to watch television shows based on both cooking lessons and competitions. Further combined his current desire with the realization that the only thing he ever enjoyed in his prime school years was cooking classes.
These are signs that can’t be ignored and again a reminder of how to utilize simple exercises to extract the hidden gem talent within you!

There are several other exercises and thought provoking ideas to help with this process. We invite you to view and share this link with others:


We also invite you to view this very intriguing video hi-lighting some very gifted hidden gem talent:




*What is your very own hidden gem talent you’re able to share with others?

*How long did it take you to discover your inner gift and talent?

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