GUEST BLOG – “You Are A Magnet” by Melissa Dumaz

July 21, 2018

Our “GUEST BLOG” series continues and we excitedly introduce you to Melissa Dumaz.

A few self words about Melissa as we introduce you to her uplifting positive energy blog:

Melissa Dumaz is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist with over 15 years of experience in psychotherapy. She specializes in guiding women through healing from emotional and physical trauma and grief & loss. She also provides supportive therapy for moms in all stages of motherhood. In addition to helping others, you can find Melissa refilling her own cup through cooking, practicing photography, painting rocks, and escaping to the nearest beach whenever she can.

Melissa just this month released her first book. The book, The Love Challenge: 30 Days, 30 Ways To Increase The Love In Your Relationship is a simple guide for couples to express love and improve the intimacy in their relationship.


We further share her positive story…….


‘You Are A Magnet” by Melissa Dumaz


I am a glass is half-full type of person. I believe that there is some positivity in every thing and in every situation. I also believe that everything happens for a reason; a reason that is at times greater than us. I find that I look for the good even when I am presented with what looks like the not so good.


As human-beings we are magnets! We attract the things and the people that are in our lives. When we have a better understanding of how our thoughts and our feelings attract people and things into our lives we begin to be more mindful of the thoughts we have. Our thoughts become the lens in which we view the world around us. For example, if I enter a room focused on the negative and mentally rehearsing all the bad things that can happen I am setting the stage for some or all of those bad things to happen, because that’s where I am focused. And the same is true in the opposite direction! If I enter a room and focus on the positivity I become a light,  a magnet for all positive things and people to come my way. Like a moth to a flame our mindset plays a big role in the quality of life we live, because we attract what we are.


Positivity is a choice. Positivity is a level of mindfulness. Positivity is a lifestyle. Positivity begets positivity. Life isn’t always sweet, but I CHOOSE to sip the nectar of life when it hands me lemonades. I choose to have positive thoughts, I choose to have positive feelings, so I can be a magnet for more of that positivity. May you be the magnet for all that her heart desires. Cheers!


Favorite Quotes:

“Change Is Inevitable” -Unknown

“Happiness Is An Inside Job” -Unknown

“If You Don’t Like Something, Change It. If You Can’t Change It, Change Your Attitude.” – Maya Angelou

“It Takes All Of Our Strength To Ask For Help” -Ray Everett



What makes you happy?

What is your magnet attracting?

What are your thoughts saying about you?


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