GUEST BLOG – “What If You Could Create The Life Of Your Dreams” by Kylie Walker

February 3, 2018
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Our “GUEST BLOG” series continues and we excitedly introduce you to Australian resident, Kylie Walker.

A few self words about Kylie as we introduce you to her blog:

My passion is to coach and inspire woman to say “YES” to more in life whilst inspiring healthy living. I believe that practising gratitude daily, positive thoughts and I am statements you can create and live the life of your DREAMS!!

We further share her positive story…….


“What If You Could Create The Life Of Your Dreams ” by Kylie Walker

Growing up I came from a home that had an abundance of love however we had many challenges in life mainly around finances and negative situations. I am forever grateful my mum made the biggest decision of her life to move our family to the Gold Coast and out of the environment we were exposed to.

Growing up I was always embarrassed about my past and what I was exposed to and was determined from a very young age to live a life of abundance and fulfil my dreams. I really had no idea how I would create that and started very young working hard to achieve. Although I had financial success, negative thoughts still consumed me especially when it came to self belief. I had these stories I had created which I kept telling myself over and over again, often subconsciously not even realising I was doing it.

I’m not enough, I don’t have the education, I’m not one of those people, my family doesn’t have the funds to support me, what will people think of me.  All just stories I created and so many of the woman I coach have had the same stories but it’s what we choose to do with those stories that ultimately creates your future.

You can either allow those negative self belief stories to consume your life or take control and rewrite your story. I am blessed that I said “YES” to a new opportunity 2 years ago that opened the door to not only allowing a new business opportunity, but one that had an incredible community and exposure to personal development. The beauty is you can rewrite your story at any moment and start to take control of your destiny.

It was then for the first time in my life I truly realised the potential I had within and how the negative self talk was having an incredible impact on all aspects of my life. My friendships, relations, family, and business have all improved so much since going on this journey and continuing to invest into me everyday.

One of my daily rituals is – Waking up and asking myself how I can serve today, who can I impact on in a positive way, how can I be better than I was yesterday.

On this journey I have focused on surrounding myself with people that inspire me and lift others up. I have also had the challenge of removing some people from my life who I personally felt were bringing me down. I wanted a circle of positivity in my life. I also believed my family deserves happiness and to give my children the best start to a life of positivity, it needed to start with me. I love that my children now use my quotes on a daily basis and have grown so much. They are so different to the children they were a few years ago. They are now strong, have incredible self belief, and challenge me if negative self talk comes up (lets be honest we are all human and it does still come up).

We have two things we focus on and one is labelling the negative person….. Mine is “Negative Nancy” so when I’m in that state my children say, “Mum, negative Nancy is out”  and the other is “Will it matter in 5 years”.

It has been an incredible journey and one that I will continue to invest in as my passion is helping others live life to their fullest potential.

Question: Would love to know what daily rituals you have to keep yourself in a positive state?

Until next time, may your day be filled with happiness and love.

Kylie, Xx


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