GUEST BLOG – “Were You Kind Today”? by Sarah Jordan

October 21, 2017

Our “GUEST BLOG” series continues and we excitedly introduce you to Sarah Jordan.

A few self words about Sarah as we introduce you to her blog:

Sarah Jordan is a certified professional life coach, owner of Blessings and Lessons Coaching and host of the Homework to Happiness Podcast.
After becoming a stay at home mom, Sarah decided to dedicate her coaching career to stay at home moms. She wanted to create a space where mommy guilt is recognized and work on and self care and self love go back to the top of the priority list.
Sarah believes that love starts with self love and moms need to love themselves first, so they can love their family that much more.
Sarah lives in the midwest with her husband, daughter and poodle puppy, Arlo.

We further share her positive story……

“Were You Kind Today”? by Sarah Jordan

When I was in grade school, a friend had asked me if I wanted to play at her house after school.   I asked my mom and she said yes.  So, the next day, instead of walking home, I went with my friend.  When we walked in the front door of her house, her mom greeted us.  Then asked my friend this question.  A question that she asked her daughter, my friend, everyday.  A question, since that day, I ask myself.

Were you kind today?

It’s really a simple question.  And, at first, when I heard my friend’s mom ask it, I thought it was weird.  Shouldn’t everyone just be kind anyway?  Why would you have to be reminded?  My mom didn’t ask me or remind me.  But I felt as if I was a kind person.

My friend replied with, yes, and we went on with our playdate.  I never asked her about it or brought it up.  But the next day at school, I observed my friend.  I noticed how sweet she was to everyone.  Sweet to the other kids, me, the teacher, the janitor.  Everyone. Then I observed the other kids.  Unfortunately,  I didn’t see the same thing across the board.  I saw teasing, name calling, entitlement…you get the picture.

It was then I made a conscious decision.  I wanted people to view me as I viewed my sweet friend vs viewing me like I viewed the “not so sweet” kids.  Deep down, I knew I was more like my friend and I knew it was because I liked being kind.  I liked making others around me smile,  whether it was a silly joke or a kind gesture that made them do so.
I liked the feeling of being kind. So, at the age of 11 years old, I made my life’s intention to be kind.  Genuinely kind.

The thing is, energy flows where intention goes.  By making a broad intention to be kind, I was creating the flow of positive energy. I didn’t know that was a thing at that age, but I could recognize that being kind to others meant, most of the time, others would be kind back.  To add to that, I noticed that I was being more kind to myself as well.

You see, I believe that love starts with self love. You have to love yourself first, so you can love others around you.

Kindness, to me, is the same way.  In order for me to give genuine kindness to others, I needed to be genuinely kind to myself.

Fast forward a few years to the age of 25 when I decided to hire a life coach.  She was, in fact, the very person who introduced me to the concept of positive energy.

At first, I didn’t believe her. It sounded very woo woo to me, if you know what I mean.  But as she explained the relationship between our thoughts and how they create our reality, I found myself having one of those Oprah “A-ha” moments.

She explained, “Our thoughts create our feelings.  Our feelings create our actions and our actions create our results.”

In other words, when I was 11, I had trained my mind to think kind.  To feel kind.  That helped me be kind.  Thus, resulting in kindness.  Now,  I am in no way trying to paint this picture of me being a perfectly behaved child with kindness growing out of my ears. Not the case.

Even in my younger years I understood that not everyone responses to kindness with kindness.  Some, may even pair it to weakness. However, kindness is far from weak. I have found that kindest people in my life are also some of the strongest people I know.  It’s not always easy to take the high road.  It’s not always easy to look for a brighter side.  A kinder side.  A positive side.  But it is possible and it takes a really strong person to do so.  Or at least, I think so.

As a life coach who coaches stay at home moms, my mission is to create a space for moms, where self love and self care are put back on the priority list.  As moms, we just want to love our children, our husband, and even our fur baby, to the absolute max.  But here’s the thing.  Like I mentioned earlier, love starts with self love.  And just as I had to be kind to myself first, in order to genuinely give kindness to others, we as mothers, have to love ourselves to the max, first.

So, I will ask you, just as I ask myself…were you kind today?  Kind to others?  Kind to yourself?

Positive energy is contagious.  Pass it along to others by living your truth and loving that truth.  These days, we all wonder what the heck is going on in this world?  Why can’t we all just get along?

My answer, just start with yourself.  Be an example of love and kindness.  Pass it along.  Will it change the world completely…who knows.  But what I do know is it will completely change the world of the person you were being kind to.

Sarah Jordan.

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Sarah further shares a positive energy video with you:

Sarah: “Whenever I need a “pick me up”, a smile, or a burst of instant positivity, I turn on Pentatonix. Specifically, their version of Hallelujah.  Not only are the lyrics uplifting, but this group of amazingly talented souls use mainly their God given talents to make music.  The bass you hear, the beat…all done by them.  No machines, no instruments.  It’s truly inspiring to watch. Enjoy”.






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