GUEST BLOG – “We Are The World” by Veronica Cortes, Mosa

June 23, 2018
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Our “GUEST BLOG” series continues and we excitedly introduce you to California resident Veronica Cortes, Mosa.

A few self words about Veronica as we introduce you to her uplifting positive energy blog:

Hola Hola! It’s your friendly ‘ol neighborhood Mosa! A Daughter, a Friend, a College Graduate, a Corporate Employee, but most importantly, I’m Human; just like you! Recently I’ve been able to focus and finally wear my favorite cape of them all as a rising Musician; all thanks to – You guessed it! – The power of Positivity.

We further share her positive story…….

‘We Are The World” by Veronica Cortes, Mosa 

“Why are you so happy all of the time Mosa?” I wish I could tell you how many times I’ve heard this question. I also wish that the recipe for the answer could come just as easy to some people as it comes to me, well because, I LOVE people, I love the Universe, I love LIFE! If I could make it so that every person on this Earth felt what I feel on a daily basis.. Man..

I mean, If I could give ONE gift to every person in existence it wouldn’t be money. Not clothes. Not a house. Those are just things. They come to an end. Without hesitation if I could give the World ONE thing, it would be the power of having a Positive Attitude.

So… This is what I do! And I try to do that first by starting with Myself.

Growing up my family moved a lot. I often had to move to new schools, new soccer teams; I had to make new friends everywhere I went. I remember asking other students in my same situation how they liked moving to new schools & found that their responses were always a little more negative than mine. I LOVED having to meet new people! I LOVED change and I embraced challenges and hardships all because deep in this young Latina’s heart there was always something in there telling her that no matter how rotten life or people could get, naturally as Human Beings, we WILL adjust and we WILL eventually move forward in this life, on this huge rock we inhabit, in this enormous Universe! Of course, we have to meet life Half-Way. Work hard with a Smile on your face & with a Positive Heart!

Today, I basically aim to be a walking ray of sunshine. Social Media has helped me Maximize my reach of this same Energy, though I do wish that I could reach you all in person. Having an Optimistic mind-set has quickly gotten me past loss, change, fear. Having an Optimistic mind-set has brought me amazing relationships, good health, and opportunities that I had only Dreamed of before.

Like a domino, You can literally change someone’s life with just one Smile! I don’t know about you, but I find that to be way too rewarding to be so rare.

Shooting for my Dream of becoming a well known performer has never been about Money or Fame; it has always been about having the Platform to share my Positive message to a greater audience the way Legends before my time have.

Check out these two videos to see where I have gotten MY inspiration to make a Positive Change in the world through my Music:


We Are the World (Spanish Version)



We Are the World (English Version)



I have found that recent Societal Issues and Political Issues have made it difficult for us to focus on the Positives in Life. Whatever you do, don’t stop your Positive cycle! Keep spreading your Vibe!

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