GUEST BLOG – “Spreading Positivity is My Passion” by Lance Kitagawa

August 12, 2017

Our “GUEST BLOG” series continues and we excitedly introduce you to Lance Kitagawa, founder of The Happy Project.

A little bit about Lance in his own words:

I am a graphic designer based out of Los Angeles. For 12 years, I worked professionally as a designer and art director at design studios and ad agencies in LA and was able to work on some cool campaigns and projects with Ashton Kutcher, Kobe Bryant and Timbaland. However I recently quit my full time job to start up a company that creates products aiming to spread more positivity into the world.

We further share his story…….

Spreading Positivity is my Passion by Lance Kitagawa

It took me awhile to figure out what I was born to do. I knew I was good at inspiring people, being kind and always staying calm and positive no matter the situation. I also knew I was more introverted than extroverted, and that I could express my voice significantly easier through writing and designing rather than speaking.

A few years ago I was thriving as an art director at an ad agency, mainly because I worked harder than anyone else and I always had a smile on my face, even during the stressful, last minute, late night projects. I was married and ready to start a family. I was a new home owner. I thought my life was going according to plan. Fast forward to a year later and I was divorced and felt stuck at the same job. I no longer cared about creating ad campaigns to sell computers and makeup and refrigerators. I felt empty and unfulfilled. Rock bottom became the solid foundation that would later lead to the path that I’m on today. I didn’t give up. I started developing my passion. I started a blog called The Happy Project. I created an inspirational image every day, and posted to the blog and to social. These posts reminded me to be grateful, to do what makes me happy, to always look on the bright side and to never take anything for granted. These daily posts also inspired others to do the same and I slowly began to build a loyal following. After a year, I had enough content to self publish a 450 page book called Passion, Positivity, Love & Light.

During this time, I was still working at the Ad Agency but I was not myself while I was there. And I didn’t like who I had become. I was no longer getting awards for going above and beyond. I was no longer the happy person that I used to be at work. I finally realized it was time to move on and follow my dreams.

I thought I had a decent plan for The Happy Project after quitting my full time job. I began producing products using all the inspirational designs I had created. T-shirts, pillows, framed art, magnets. I set up a booth at a couple of events to sell these products but didn’t sell much. I was quickly in a hole. But I stayed positive and considered other ways to monetize. The solution I came up with was a subscription box. Customers could sign up for the monthly box and receive a t-shirt and two other products. I actually just launched the subscription box last week! Time will tell if it will be successful but all I can do is have faith and stay positive.

Whatever happens, I now know that I was born to spread positivity and make the world a more positive place.

What’s your passion?

How do you make the world a better place?

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