GUEST BLOG – “Positivity Wins” by Eric Bigger

May 12, 2018
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Our “GUEST BLOG” series continues and we excitedly introduce you to Positive Energy guru, Eric Bigger.

I LOVE LIFE!…. is exactly what Eric lives, believes and shares thru his exuberant belief in the power of POSITIVE ENERGY. Many positive channels Eric has and continues to share are thru his many positive hats he wears thru life. As a TV personality, a motivational speaker, and a fitness trainer, Erics’ love and quest for positivity in life is leaving a mark on his positive difference making journey.

It’s Miracle Season and we further share Erics’ positive energy story…..


“Positivity Wins” by Eric Bigger

Positivity is the foundation of my life! Growing up in Baltimore City was an experience. There wasn’t a lot of positive energy going around in the atmosphere, instead there was much resistance, negativity and just drama. So my positivity was used as a coping mechanism to protect me emotionally and mentally from the unstable environment of Baltimore.

Positivity wins because it’s the source of all good things. When you’re happy, high on vibes, enthuse, passionate, and doing what you love that usually results in positivity! I think In today’s society most people live in fear because of the unknown, and we are programmed to protect ourselves daily. And too much positivity can be foreign for many people because they don’t understand it. People always ask me; how are you so positive?! And the answer is because I live in positivity daily, from prayer, to watching inspiring YouTube videos weekly, meditation, the books I read and just finding the good in all things! I AM Positive!

I coined the phrase “what’s positive?” to make people think; what is positive in their life and what’s good around them. Positivity puts you in a good state emotionally when you practice it daily like myself. I think as the years progress and people become more aware and understand the benefits of being positive, the world will seek more peace and not chaos. Positivity WINS!!

Favorite Quotes:

The more we give the better we live!

Stay positive, stay humble and learn to love unconditionally.


What do you fear about yourself?

What’s positive?


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