GUEST BLOG – “Positivity Is A Choice” by James Calderon

April 1, 2017

Our “guest blog” series continues. We excitedly introduce entrepreneur and inspirational positivity guru James Calderon. Family man James uses his ability to not only motivate himself daily but to also inspire and bring hope to others along his optimistic journey. James also utilizes written content, video interviews, and music videos as just a few positivity tools while making a positive difference in this world. We share his story……..

Positivity Is A Choice by James Calderon

For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to be a rockstar. Yes, I very much enjoyed being in front of people, but most of all, I enjoyed their response to whatever my imagination conjured up to entertain the masses. I vividly remember breakdancing; to be specific, head spinning in front of family members in my yellow onesie pajamas(the ones that zipped up from the toe to neck) just so I could put a smile on their faces. Occasionally, I got laughs, though I wasn’t always trying to make them laugh. Hmmm. Regardless of that, I very much enjoyed lifting people up from the get. It became a default choice for me early in the game. If I was feeling bad, I would do my best to make others feel good. In turn, I would feel better. Few decades later and I am still at it—minus the onesie jumpsuit of course.

Shore #1

Life, in all its swells, has delivered me to a variety of shores. The desire to be a rockstar, which was one of the many shores, came into fruition in my early twenties. I was blessed with both the talent and opportunity to travel the states singing and rapping my little heart out. In the beginning, the desire was a dream come true. My song content has always possessed a positive, uplifting nature and in time, I would see how powerfully it affected those who were picking up what I was putting down. It became bigger than my desires and dreams. After a quick little tussle with bone cancer(felt like years), and the birth of my first child, I decided to travel to a different shore.

Shore #2

I became a Special Education teacher in my early thirties. I observed many of the veterans in the game and was quick to pick up on what worked and what didn’t. The positive teachers always made the biggest and most meaningful impact. So, I chose positivity once again. Starting the day off with a positive quote and infusing some silliness along with music became my modus operandi.

I could see that this allowed me to connect with the students and it didn’t take very long for the culture of the classroom to follow suit. I would take a break from teaching and go on to sell cars and then back to teaching. All the while, I stayed to true to lifting up those around me.
When I think back, anything I did and do now, always involved or involves the lifting up of others. Whether it was the type of musician, teacher, friend, partner, or father I am, positivity was and still is at the forefront of it all.

Shore #3

During one of my darkest moments in life, a time when I felt I was not living in my zone of genius, I had an epiphany. I was able to find the common denominator in all that I have ever done as a being on this planet. That common denominator was positivity!
So, I landed on yet, another shore. This shore, my friends is Positively James. In my late thirties, I decided I would no longer just do what I was good at doing. I manifested a platform where I could use all my talents in efforts to help others think, feel and live better. I now live life in my zone of genius and encourage others along the way to find their common denominator, so they too, could live life in their zone of genius.


Choosing to live life in my zone of genius has opened up a whole new world for me. It has allowed me to become my most truest and authentic self. And in doing so, I’ve experienced many successes in a short time. I am happy to be a contributor for other influencers, be it writing or speaking. I’ve been published. I’ve also brushed shoulders with many other positivity prophets in the industry, and recently ignited a campaign that went nationwide within a week, and is now making its way across the pond. The name of the campaign is “Counterpunch Hate With Love.”

Feeling the woes of the world, like many others on our blue planet, I one day became inspired to post a picture of myself on Facebook, making the heart sign in efforts to find the common denominator between us all, LOVE. I encouraged others to post their pictures doing the same thing on Facebook to counterpunch hate with love, which later trickled over to Instagram.

In just a week’s time, thousands of people participated and the movement had spread across the nation. That was a memorable week for many of us. In just one day, positivity became louder than the negativity in the world; to the point we were recognized and got some sweet “pub” on the news. It was the only positive story in the news that day. It was surreal to me.

I no longer breakdance in front of family members, but I’m still lifting people up and putting smiles on faces. All this and then some because I choose positivity on the daily. What do you choose daily? And are you being loud with it?


Am I positive everyday? Heck to the no! I have my days like everyone else.These feelings can be diamonds in the rough, so I respect them. However, I love the feeling that comes along with choosing to stay positive. And as we can see from what I mentioned above, it is infectious! On my off days, however, I break out my emotional surfboard, ride the waves, allow myself to navigate the emotions, but get back on the positive horse as quickly as possible. Why? Because it FEELS GOOD! Who doesn’t like feeling good?(Crickets chirping)

What do you do on your off days to get back on the positive horse? What do you think your common denominator in life might be?

Feel free to comment below or connect with me on any of my socials. I’d love to have a conversation with you!

Positively yours, James





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