GUEST BLOG- “Positive Vibe Tribe” by Lacey Merz

June 17, 2017

Our “GUEST BLOG” series continues. We excitedly introduce you to Lacey Merz. Lacey is a New Jersey living nurse, health/fitness coach and runner with big dreams. Laceys’ wholesome health and fitness style is all about loving all of who you are no matter what is going on around you. To also focus on not just exercise and well-rounded nutrition but how you vision yourself! Her belief in being healthy is NOT about a 30 day fad or weight loss, its about ensuring that your lifestyle is able to yield lasting happiness free from unnecessary illness and pain. We share her story……


“Positive Vibe Tribe” by Lacey Merz 


Once I realized that positivity was a choice everything in my life started to look just a bit brighter.

I decided to pursue a career in nursing about 2 years ago. While in school for this second degree I realized a few things…

#1. Being in good health keeps all people out of the hospital

#2. Those that were in good health were most positive

#3. I was not very positive, meaning I must not be in great health

Watching patients in clinical and at my Emergency Department Technician position, opened my eyes to so much! I realized that preventative health (eating well, exercising, visiting a doctor regularly) CHANGED lives. People preach about being “healthy” on daytime television, but I never truly grasped the link to positivity and health until I was in the trenches taking care of others.

In helping others overcome illness, I began to reflect on myself and my own health.

Was I leading the life that I would suggest my patients lead? The honest answer, not at all. I ate out at fast food restaurants most meals and blamed it on being a “busy student”. I would go for a run a few times a week to make myself feel better but if I went a week or 2 without working out… oh it was okay because again, I was a very busy college student that had NO time to take care of myself.

I had migraines, I had self-doubt, I had anxiety, I had 15 extra pounds around my midsection. I attributed all of this to the stage of life I was in and not on how I was treating myself.


I had to get an MRI done due to severe, unexplained migraines I was having. I was TERRIFIED. When the MRI scan came out clean the neurologist asked me what my lifestyle looked like. What my nutrition, exercise and social life consisted of. It was then, when speaking aloud with excuse after excuse about why I was not as happy as I could have been, that it hit me.

I was a hypocrite.

 I constantly preach to my patients about a healthier lifestyle leading to a happier life, yet I was not following the same command!

This was one of the MANY moments that led me to make a major life change. I committed at this point, in the middle of my accelerated BSN program,  to my health. I began a workout program for 30 minutes every single day. I planned out my nutrition using a portion control system that helped me to ensure I was getting a well-balanced diet.  I had made friends with those that were doing something similar and prioritizing their own health.

In doing this I found that I could focus in school easier. My relationships with my friends and family were improving. After only 3 weeks of implementing this I was migraine free AND had lost 9 pounds and felt confident in my own skin again.

I had gained the positivity I always wanted and found joy in small things! Because of my own experience with exercise and nutrition, I know that they matter when attempting to live your best, most positive life. To keep yourself out of sickness you must care about yourself, physically and mentally.

I decided to become a fitness coach to help others with this as well. I felt so amazing about this transformation I had made in my life I had to share it with others!

Spreading positivity through good health practices daily is my goal! Making the choice to be healthy led me to being a glass-half-full chick.

Leading a positive life is something that we can consciously decide to do. We have to make this decision for ourselves, I am so thankful I finally figured out the secret sauce to my positivity! Consider this question when determining if you are as happy as you could be, feel free to comment your answers below!

What do you think you could do more of to be your better self?

Lacey Merz


Health & Fitness Coach


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