GUEST BLOG – “Positive Energy…Life’s Essential Tool” by Jenny McKinney

November 18, 2017

Our “GUEST BLOG” series continues and we excitedly introduce you to Jenny McKinney.

A few words about Jenny as we introduce you to her blog:

Jenny McKinney is an award winning freelance makeup artist based in Canada. Leading Okanagan wedding makeup artist, Jenny offers a boutique style on site service and combines her creative passion and gift of communication to help you achieve your beauty goals. She has a contagious enthusiasm and unique talent for colour which will bring out your most gorgeous self. Jenny has been married to her high school sweetheart for 20 years and they have an awesome 18 yr. old son who recently graduated.

We further share her positive story…….


“Positive Energy…Life’s Essential Tool”? by Jenny McKinney


Why positive energy is the most essential tool in my makeup kit.

Makeup artists are known for their love of fine brushes, these tools definitely play a role in the application of a gorgeous makeup look.
I myself have a true love of products and tools for my craft but I have to say that by far the most effective and important tool is positive energy.

I entered the beauty industry 20 years ago, and in my early days in cosmetic retail, I had the good opportunity to work with people who did not have positive energy. I have found that we learn the most when it isn’t easy and I learned a lot, haha. I learned that what you do with your body language is almost more important than the words you say, and I learned that how you interact with your clients hugely influences how they will end up feeling in your presence.

In my career I have the joy of meeting people for what is generally a special occasion. Weddings, events, celebrations, photo shoots commemorating family milestones or corporate people furthering their business goals. When you think about it, makeup artistry happens in a permission giving space. In day to day life, it isn’t common that we go around and touch people’s faces especially around their eyes. The only way we get in that proximity with someone is with their request. Generally I find people can be a little bit nervous or hesitant about the process if they have not had their makeup done before.
I never take that feeling for granted and make sure to bring encouragement and happy vibes with lots of smiles, sometimes in the form of music, and essential oils diffusing.

Energy is something you can’t technically see but it is definitely something you can ‘feel’ such as warm or cold for example. It is also something that can be sweet or sour. This can be overlooked in how we interact with one another.

We are mammals and mammals regulate each other’s energy. When my Dad was dying in May of this year, a phenomenal counsellor from the cancer centre came to give my mom some support. She was commenting on how my mom was the best hugger and she told a story of how a great embrace for 30 seconds or more can physically reduce stress hormones.

This made so so much sense to me because I’ve realized I have the ability to raise the energy in the room when there are nerves of anticipation for whatever event my client is getting ready. I don’t have to hug them for 30 seconds but I do make sure to direct conversation towards the positive things, play music with a good beat for work, and making sure we laugh.

Something that has really helped me when it comes to being aware of my energy or changing my state is what my mentor taught me. He calls it the ‘triad’, what we do with our bodies (how we hold our shoulders, where we direct our eyes, and how our breathe is) what we focus on, and the words we say. If we do a radical change in any one of these areas we will change our state. So if you are having feelings that do not serve you, this is a great recipe to remember. Another big influence for me has been the book by Don Miguel Ruiz’s, The Four Agreements.

Who do you feel positive energy around? and why?
Do you have a special pattern that helps you break out of feeling negative or increase your positive energy?

Thank you so much for your time and I hope you received some inspiration.
Blessings ❤️

Jenny McKinney


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