GUEST BLOG – Perspective: The Key to My Positive Energy by Breegan Jane

October 27, 2018
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Our “GUEST BLOG” series continues and we excitedly introduce you to Breegan Jane.

A few self words about Breegan as we introduce you to her uplifting positive energy blog:

Breegan Jane is an interior designer, entrepreneur, mommy blogger and lifestyle expert. She hails from sunny southern California where she lives with her two young sons. Her design savvy is well sought after by clients in almost every facet of residential and commercial real estate in Los Angeles, and she wields her influence as an LA Mom and lifestyle blogger with the heartfelt goal of uniting, supporting and advising women through the remarkable journey of motherhood.

 Perspective: The Key to My Positive Energy

My days are filled with unpredictability. I’m a mom. I’m an interior designer. I’m a radio co-host. I’m an entrepreneur. To say my life is bustling would be an extreme understatement. Most weeks it’s easy to reach level “overwhelmed” if I’m not fully, mentally and emotionally present in my own body. Positive energy isn’t an option for me; it’s a lifeline.

I have found many people hold misconceptions about positive energy that, while splendid in theory, often couldn’t be further from the truth. Advice is dispensed that makes people believe they must live in a constant state of positivity or happiness. But that isn’t how positive energy works in my personal or professional life.

Sometimes positive energy is less about how I get it, and more about how I refuse to waste it. It’s fuel that I harness in ways that aid in surmounting my goals! When I’m faced with something negative that threatens to pierce my positive “force field” of sorts, I consider my perspective. I can either give in to all the unfortunate events I’m living through in that moment, or I can choose to focus on the good. Positivity isn’t about pretending that bad things don’t happen to good people. It doesn’t require people to stick their heads in the sand until the craziness of life blows over. Instead, it means empowering ourselves to make a decision to seek the good.

I might have a day where deadlines are coming at me quicker than I expected, the kids are extra rowdy, and the guest we booked for the radio show had to cancel last minute. Combined, that’s enough to drive a sane person crazy. But if I stop to be more cognizant in the moment and shift my focus, I find that I’m able to conquer it all simply by changing my mindset. I can choose to focus on the fact that I’m incredibly blessed and lucky to call my passion “work.” In those moments I can elect to view my ability to balance work and motherhood as a skill honed by many years of determination and incessant effort. I go from being afflicted to being authorized. I’m authorized to write the chapters of my life any way I deem fit.

Making the choice to shift my perspective and “turn on my happy” allows me to go in and crush that next business meeting. It allows me to show up as a calmer mom for my kids. It holds me accountable for my vantage point.That’s what positive energy brings to my life.

Breegan Jane


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