GUEST BLOG – “Just Jess” by Jessica Rosado

April 22, 2017


Our “GUEST BLOG” series continues. We excitedly introduce actress, singer, and writer, Jessica Rosado. She shares her experience through the lifestyle blog Just Jess and is thrilled to continue pursuing her passions as her career in Television and Theatre. Jessica speaks from her heart as a Domestic Violence Advocate and Performing Arts Education Activist. We share her story……

JUST JESS by Jessica Rosado 

Stay positive, a phrase we often say to one another when going through a tough time, or hoping to get the new job, or hoping to get the new house, or hoping to win the next game. We say this phrase to remind one another to stay hopeful when in doubt but why is it only when we are faced with life’s curve balls do we then think to stay positive?  What if we practiced the art of positivity regularly as opposed to only when in doubt? As an adjective, positive means with no possibility of doubt; clear and definite. As a noun, positive means a good, affirmative, or constructive quality or attribute. The word itself is very powerful and while you might find words similar to it, none can truly equate to its depth. I learned the valuable concept that having a consistent positive mindset would truly, undoubtedly shape my career and personal life for the better.

As an actress I was constantly fighting the urge to doubt myself. This is because I chose a career where my talent, personality, and outward appearance is always being judged. I chose a career where I will hear the word no more than I would hear the word yes. I chose a career that would be a marathon to the finish line as opposed to a race. I chose a career that takes hard work and dedication before ever even seeing a glimpse of what I’ve put in. Some people don’t understand it. But I do. Acting is my passion. It gives me the most incredible joy. My soul is entirely in a state of bliss when I am on stage or in front of a camera. Nothing else career-wise has been able to replicate that. In the entertainment business, you have to have a tough skin. You have to be able to take a lot of criticism and learn to use what you can from it and let go of the rest. When it came to auditions I used to drive myself crazy; thinking of all the possible outcomes and what the directors or producers might think of me. I used to truly hate auditioning but I don’t anymore. Why?

I had a heart to heart with myself and realized that acting brings light to my life and auditioning is a part of that process. I decided to love every bit of the process, trust it, and stay positive that no matter what the outcome of any audition is, I will always be able to do what I love which is beautiful. I began to try something strange. I went into auditions excited and happy. I went in with a mindset that it will be an opportunity to meet new people and do what I love whether I was what they were looking for or not. This positive mentality changed the way I auditioned. It not only changed my prep habits but it changed the way I performed as well. I no longer carry anxiety and stress into an audition and have connected with some of the most incredibly talented people in the industry. That joy that I found happened when I decided to stop doubting myself and chose to breathe positivity.

Positivity has also played a huge role in my personal life. Some time ago, I experienced the horror of being a victim of domestic violence and it is something I’ve had to work through physically and emotionally. Emotional wounds take a bit longer to heal than physical wounds and having a positive mindset through it all was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do in my life thus far. I went through my ups and downs through a tough healing process. I carried anxiety, stress, hate, anger, and guilt. I felt anxious about how I would ever truly heal. I felt stressed because of the toll it took on my family. I felt hate for my abuser. I felt anger toward myself for allowing him to do what he did to me. I even felt moments of guilt in the beginning stages of my healing because I finally left. There were so many negative emotions simultaneously running through me that it was hard to see any light; difficult to see if I would be able to come out of this situation on top.

When I began to push through that victim threshold into becoming a survivor, is when I decided to talk more and more about it. I began realizing the impact of my story and what it meant to people who have experienced it, currently in it, or have a friend/family member who has gone through it. I began to think to myself that good will come from this. I changed my doubt into hope and chose to be a voice for a community that has been silenced far too long. I am a Domestic Violence Advocate and share my story, experience, and knowledge as an encouraging voice to those who may need it. Changing my mindset to think positively, spoke wonders to my healing process and I am thankful for the positive influences I’ve had around me to this day.

Remember for every negative you might see, there is a positive waiting to be discovered. Find that positive and build your mindset around it. Make it a habit to list things you’ve accomplished, or that you’re proud of, even things about yourself that make you happy, and remind yourself of that list every day if you have to. Often times it’s human nature to think of the bad before we think of the good; consuming yourself with endless amounts of negative energy. It’s unnecessary. So we must retrain our brains to think with positive affirmations. Life isn’t perfect by any means but always keeping a positive outlook is not only healthy for your soul but allows good things to come to you as well. When we carry an open and receiving energy, the world responds to it in the same way. How do you stay on track with keeping a positive mindset?

Jessica Rosado

Lifestyle Blogger for Just Jess

Instagram: @iamjessicarosado 

Twitter: @iamjessrosado

*If you or anyone you know is suffering from domestic violence there are resources in your community that can help you. You are not alone. National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.


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