GUEST BLOG – “I Decide My Vibe” by Joessa Austin

September 6, 2017
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Our “GUEST BLOG” series continues and we excitedly introduce you to Joessa Austin.

A little bit about Joessa in her own words:

Dr Joessa feels most ALIVE when helping patients achieve more balanced, healthy and vibrant lives. As a holistic family chiropractor, she emphasizes the importance of getting to the root cause of symptoms and healing the patient as a whole. Utilizing chiropractic care, energetic healing, as well as quantum nutritional techniques, she works to create customized answers for a broad spectrum of healing needs.

Self care and overall wellness combined with family life are her guiding passions. We further share her positive story……

I Decide My Vibe –  by Joessa Austin

“I decide my vibe”.  It’s a mantra that I learned and committed my life to about a decade ago, and it continues to deeply direct and influence my every day to this day.  I am a momma (to the most beautiful nearly 3 year old on the planet), business owner (I run a healing collective in South Minneapolis that I adore), sister (2 incredible older siblings), friend (to several and counting), and healer (holistic chiropractor, energy worker, unofficial positivity curator).  I can’t picture truly BEing any of these roles on a consistent, successful basis without owning the power of positivity.

There is a spectrum of energy; high to low and everything in between.  Positivity, vibrancy, abundance, complete health, happiness – to negativity, lack, sadness, sickness, and defeat.  The truth of existing as a human is that there are constant blows that we take, challenges that we face and obstacles to overcome that can and will continually put us in that negative-vibe end of the spectrum if we allow it.

“What you think, you become.  What you feel, you attract.  What you imagine, you create.” PREACH, Buddha!!

Staying on that high-vibe, positive side of the scale takes a conscious, engaged effort and the active, reoccurring CHOICE to live there as much as humanly possible.  What do you do DAILY that puts you in that state?  I’ve discovered some of the most effective ways to regularly cultivate positivity in my life are:

As a momma, deciding my vibe allows me to play more, give more, and BE more to teach my daughter to fully embrace and enjoy life.

As a business owner, deciding my vibe allows me to stay up when the going gets tough, inspire my tribe and find ultimate success and abundance in all that we do as a collective healing community.

As a sister and friend, deciding my vibe allows me to attract only the best of the best, surround myself with uplifting energy to keep me going on the daily, and feel inspired to cultivate love on a new level.

As a healer, deciding my vibe allows me to truly HEAL and connect with those who I serve and have the opportunity to spread love and positivity to.

My sincere wish is that you, and our world, each choose to turn to positivity even one ounce more every day, to experience the freedom, abundance, richness and true LIFE that develop from the commitment to living a high-vibe existence.  What could this look like for you?

Joessa Austin.


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